Thursday, July 16, 2009

Work in Progress: Hot Dog Buns

Last week was my first attempt at making homemade hot dog buns. I know making homemade hot dog buns sounds crazy to most people but I didn't have any hot dog buns and didn't want to run to the store to buy some and had all the ingredients to make my own. Additionally I am making better efforts to purchase and prepare healthier foods without preservatives and a list of ingredients where I can only pronounce about half of them!

My first batch of hot dogs buns were okay but not phenomenal so I am not sharing the recipe I used. Once I find a recipe that I am happy with and works really well then I will share!

Rolled out buns. I've realized it was probably a mistake baking them like this, next time I am going to put them much closer so they will be touching like the store bought buns.

The finished product. Most of them look like hot dog buns!

Close up of one of the buns.

An Italian Sausage in the bun.

Ready to eat!

This first batch was not horrible! They were a little thick and would have been too bread-y with hot dogs but our Italian Sausages were pretty thick so it wasn't bad. We decided to not use the rest of the buns for hot dogs so the next day I took some of the thicker buns and we made meatball subs out of them and then the remaining buns were toasted and made into breadcrumbs. I am still on a quest for the perfect hot dog/hamburger bun recipe! If you have any great bun recipes please leave the recipe in the comments or a link to it!


Janet said...

That's something I've never attempted. They do look like they'd work well for heartier meat like you used them for. I commend you for you effort.

Lucky said...

Moomie's buns are awesome! I've never made them as hot dog buns, but I make them all of the time for hamburger buns:

Annette said...

They look good. I like my bread hearty!

Todd & M said...

I use this as homemade bread, rolls, and even hoagie buns.
I've even made one into a bread-bowl with soup for myself once!

You will have to experiment with the length of time to cook. Mine was not the same as what was listed on youtube.

Also, these people have a book with the same basic recipe but with other ingredients.

This recipe is a staple in our home.

The longer you let it sit in the firdge, the more it tastes like sourdough bread.

Also, what's perfect is that you can choose the size of bread you want to make. You dont have to make it all at once. So for those of us who only have 2 people to feed, I can make smaller loaves and leave the rest in the fridge until we need it. Or, I make 3-4 loaves, use one, and freeze the others.

Good luck & let us know what you find!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the sweet comments & recipe suggestions...I am anxious to try them!!