Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cooking Day & Working Days

This has been a busy week! Monday was cooking day, after a few hours in the kitchen I managed to stock my freezer with some quick and easy meals!

I made and froze:

1 meal of Chili Verde
1 meal of Chicken Packet Stuffing
2 Poulet de France Casseroles
Huge pot of pintos to divide in 1 cup servings

I also chopped up celery that will go bad before I can use it to use in Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup this winter! And 2 cups of chicken broth from boiling chicken for my freezer meals! All in all it was productive!

Here are my 2 casseroles

Pinto beans before they cooked...I never took an after photo

That is where the normalcy of the week ends!! Tuesday and Wednesday I went to church with John David to work on the new children's building. It's opening this Sunday and there's work to do!! I have assisted John David with working on the lighting and sound, I've painted, taken inventory of tables and chairs, helped upholster a bench, all kinds of random things to do my part!

And so it's now Thursday morning, I slept in while John David went to the Staff Prayer Meeting and I'm preparing lunch! I'm making Chicken Packets using the filling that I made and froze Monday, but I made it to use on a day I didn't feel like fixing anything and today qualifies as that day!!


Kelly said...

Great job on all your freezer cooking! I'm hoping to stock my freezer before our baby comes in December!

Todd & M said...

You are doing great, Rachel! Keep up the good work.

Curious Question: Do you re-use the plastic baggies you use to freeze your meals?

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.