Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Friday we had no class so we were able to sleep in which is always wonderful!! We spent most of the day doing some more spring cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing getting rid of things for our big move! I am so excited about moving!!

Saturday John David's parents and Jill came in to visit for Easter. We went to the Dipsy Doodle for lunch and then went to Burgess Falls for a nice springtime hike. 

The big is breathtaking!!!

I snapped these pictures when they were all looking at the waterfall and didn't know I was taking pictures.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday, very relaxing and restful.

Monday morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow! We went back to school and had a pretty good day at school. I have a lot of tests and projects coming up in the next few weeks but I am going to take it a day at a time!!

Monday evening my parents came to visit with us on their way to my grandparents. We haven't seen them since Christmas so I was very excited they decided to stop and visit with us!! They brought me a quilt rack that my daddy made for me!! I was so excited about it!! 

It is so beautiful. It is made of black walnut from my Grandpa's farm!! I am so excited because I have been wanting a good quality quilt rack for a while! This one is a real treasure because my daddy made it for me!! Now I just have to make more quilts to go on it!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John David's Project

John David finished his project that he was working on this weekend! It turned out really good and it is going to be very useful for him for syncing his video clips for editing!

My creative and handsome hubby!

It turned out really good! I found the boot at Hobby Lobby and told him he just had to have it and he didn't argue!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day!

Well it is the end of Spring Break and it snowed! I must admit that I was a little bummed about the cold weather, not because I don't like snow but because earlier this week I took our fleece sheets and heated blanket off our bed until next winter! So I bundled up in flannel pajama pants and a thermal top for bed and stayed cozy!

We did go out in the snow for a few pictures since we hadn't taken any snow pictures this winter! Unfortunately we have no hills here so we can't go sledding!

A sweet snow kiss!!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of my boots covered in snow!

We have spent the past two days being very productive! On Friday we woke up early and I cooked breakfast, ham and cheese biscuits, which were absolutely amazing! I love these biscuits! After breakfast we went to Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, and Wal-Mart because John David was buying supplies for a project he is undertaking! We had so much fun shopping together for his project!

When we got home from shopping John David began working on his project (I will publish pictures when he finishes!) While he was busy working I altered two shirts of mine for the summer (they both turned out great and actually fit now!) I also began cutting out an apron. We were both busy all evening with our fun projects.

This morning I woke up at early and I worked a little for Co-op. After lunch I began working on my apron, it is a garden apron for when I finally get my own garden, I cannot wait to use it! I was able to finish it all today and it turned out really great!

My garden apron! The pattern is from my grandma and John David's mom gave me the fabric (as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be an apron!)

Now I am all ready for gardening, minus the garden! I now realize how much I took for granted living on a farm and the joys that come with that lifestyle. I always wanted to live in town and now that I am in town I find myself eagerly awaiting my return to a farm (or a least a backyard where I can garden!)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Break

We have had a relaxing Spring Break thus far! Yes, we have slept in but we haven't slept past 9:30 at all (which is a feat for us!!)

My birthday was Tuesday and we had a lovely day! We made my birthday cake together the night before and I was really excited about my cake so we had birthday cake for breakfast!!

My homemade birthday cake! Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing!! Yummy!!

Wednesday I called "Spring Cleaning" day! Since the big moving day is getting closer I wanted to have a pre-moving cleaning day! We had a very successful day cleaning out closets and drawers and I realized that we really do not own a lot of things that we do not need! It was really encouraging to see that we do not have a lot of useless clutter and that we are really living simply!!

Thursday was a relaxing yet productive day! We went to pick up a few items at the store and only bought what was on our list! (This is really exciting too!) We are trying to stay organized by not bringing in new things into our house that we can live without and to live a simple, non materialistic life! We did buy a small bottle of white paint (on our list) to finish a flag that I started in December! When we got home John David finished the flag by stamping the stars!!

This flag is made from a scrap piece of tin from my Grandpa's farm! I think it is beautiful!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of it with my rocking chair!!

We have the flag hanging on our door for now! Hopefully one day soon we can hang it on our barn or front porch!!

John David had an evening job filming for a man who goes to church with us. While he was filming, I did laundry (a week and a half worth at the laundromat!) After getting home from doing laundry I ironed John David's shirts and starched his jeans!

I also got some good news while I was doing my ironing, my cousin Katie called me and told me she was named Star Greenhand for West Tennessee!! (Star Greenhand is for Freshman FFA members, it is based on their Supervised Agriculture Experience Program as well as their involvement in FFA) I am so excited for her! She now will advance to state for the opportunity to be named Tennessee Star Greenhand!! I am so glad that Rebekah and I were able to be involved in the FFA and that Joseph, and Katelyn have become involved too! FFA really has had an impact on our lives!!

Monday, March 3, 2008 the park

Saturday, March 1, John David and I went to Cane Creek Park because the day was just so beautiful and we had to enjoy the weather. I grabbed my camera as we were leaving just in case the perfect picture opportunity presented itself and it did!! We drove around the park and saw a swing set without any kids nearby ( I would hate to have to fight kids to swing!!) So since I LOVE to swing I started swinging and we took pictures of our fun times!!

I love this picture, that everything is blurred except my face!