Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Visit

Rebekah was released from the hospital Tuesday around noon! She was so glad to be out of the hospital and able to eat solid foods! She is a little sore from the surgery but doing very well!

This is what we have been up to since Monday:

John David feeding Emerson Monday night around mid-night!

Holding Uncle John David's hand!

Enjoying her bedtime bottle!

Tuesday was a fairly relaxed day. John David went to work. I kept the baby in the morning and she slept pretty much the entire time so I was able to work and cook lunch (she is such a good baby!) When Mom, Dad and Beka got home they ate lunch and then we just had a relaxing afternoon and evening!

My dad was pretty impressed with our entertainment set-up. We have a Mac Mini & use Hulu and Boxee for all of our TV viewing. Here dad is researching about different systems! (And that is John David's "new to him" Mac Book he purchased off of Craigslist Monday night!)

This sweet girl napped!

The dogs played!

Mom fed the baby!

Emerson is tired of being fed...she is ready to be in control of her own feedings already!

I tried to take some pictures of Rebekah but she didn't want to be photographed! She snoozed & held her baby just happy to be out of the hospital!


Todd & M said...

Isnt it wonderful to know that family joins together as it does in time of need. I'm sure your sister really appreciates all of the help from your parents and from you and John David.

Family is what really counts in life...and you definitely been blessed as well as your family has been blessed with you.