Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home Cooked Breakfast

The past few weeks I have made it a priority to cook John David a hot breakfast at least once a week! He is getting tired of cereal and wants meat and potatoes for breakfast! I don't really like frying foods, but I am more than happy to do it for the man I love who takes care of me ( & whose primary love language is "Acts of Service.") I woke up really early this morning and had this lovely breakfast ready for him when he got out of the shower!

Fried Potatoes

Pork Patties

Raspberry Muffins

Everything was delicious, my hubby was happy and I froze the leftover Raspberry Muffins for a convenient homemade breakfast!


Kelly said...

This looks like a yummy breakfast! My hubby likes hot breakfasts too. I love all the pictures you shared too!

Katie said...

What a great breakfast! The muffins look yummy, I think I'll try making them this weekend!

Chaos Cottage said...

Your hubby is truly loved.