Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Dress

I'm joining in with Kelly for Show Us Your Life and this week's theme is your wedding dress!

A front & back view of the dress!

I don't have the typical story that most women do, I never went dress shopping and found "the dress"! Instead I borrowed my dress! (In fact I was the only one in the bridal party without new wedding clothes, my mom bought a new dress & my dad bought a new suit for the wedding...ha!) The girl I borrowed it from is 5 years older than me and my mom babysat her when she was a little girl. We went over to her mom's home where the dress was kept and tried it on and it fit me like it was made for me! It's a beautiful dress with intricate beadwork on it and I just loved it! It not only saved us a ton of money on our wedding costs, I now don't have a wedding dress in the back of my closet to take up space! (Isn't that horribly unsentimental...however I have the most important part of my wedding and that's my HUSBAND!!)

My hair was elegantly pulled up with a tiara & veil!

Here's my husband reading me the vows he wrote!

Mr. and Mrs.!


Todd & M said...

That is awesome!
I love to see pictures of weddings and hear all about people's special day.


Michaila said...

That dress is SO beautiful! And so are the pictures!