Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Away From Home

I've not been doing much blogging lately because I am with a Tech Conference with my husband this week! It's funny that I am at a Tech Conference yet I am taking a break from most of my technology! Ironic! I haven't been keeping up with my e-mail or twitter much this week but I plan to be back soon!

When I get back tomorrow and begin blogging again I plan to share about making homemade hot dog buns, a wonderful blueberry crisp recipe, and pictures of my new niece (my family is coming to visit tomorrow)!


Lisa said...

Hi Rachel--
My hubby has been looking for church tech conferences to attend. Where is the conference? Can you let us know of any upcoming conferences?



Rachel said...

This one was in Louisville this year, it is called Gurus. Here is the website . I believe they are going to be uploading footage from the conference so that might be useful! We will try to keep ya'll informed about other conferences as John David finds out about them!