Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Style on a Budget

Today Kelly posted about Recession Fashion-Dressing Cute for Less and wanted ideas for outfits that are under $30! Since I have been on such a tight budget since we've been married, I am somewhat of an expert on dressing inexpensively yet looking nice! Now I wouldn't say I am trendy or would be considered stylish but my style is classic and for what little money I spend on my clothes I do dress nice! My "shopping style" allows me to put together almost all of my outfits for under $30! Here are my sources of inexpensively priced clothing:


I purchased this dress at Kohl's last spring, it was 40% off right before Easter and was $12! (It is not really a dingy white like it appears...don't know why it looks like that!)

Clearance Racks

This shirt is from Target, it was $2.97 on clearance last summer!

This adorable sundress was on clearance at Ross last summer, I paid $7 for it!
More of my clearance finds!


This Old Navy shirt was $4 at Goodwill! I really love this shirt with a pair of black capris!
More Goodwill finds!


This Max Studio Skirt was $1!

A Maggy London dress for $2!
More of my yardsale finds!


These American Eagle capris are from my sister-in-law and I just love them and you just can't beat FREE!

Shoes & Accessories

My adorable wedges from Wal-Mart, I bought these in 2007 for $9 and have already worn them 2 summers and they are still in great shape!

These flip flops are from Kohl's, they were $6.97 and are cute & comfortable!

My boots I found at Penney's for $9.97, I have these in black & brown!

Two of my favorite necklaces, a friend from college made both of these for me, I think I paid around $25 for both, she has since launched her own business Classy Cowgirl Creations. She has agreed to give a discount, when e-mailing your order use the code frugal&simple and receive 15% off!

Here is one of my cute summer outfits using these examples:

(Shirt $2.97, necklace $12.50, pants FREE,shoes $6.97) $22.44

Another tip is stick to the basics, if you have a good basic wardrobe made up of classic & quality pieces you can purchase a few "trendier" tops and accessories each season and really stretch your money! Check out this episode of Life:Frugal and Simple on Wardrobe Basics!


Jaclyn said...

Just visiting from Kelly's blog...You found some great deals! Now I'm inspired to go check out my Goodwill store!

debbielynne said...

Very nice post Rachel. I think we could have fun shopping together!

Jordan said...

Visiting from Kelly's blog . . . cute clothes! =]

liza said...

nice collections.
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