Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We purchased a retractable clothesline last year at the FFA Alumni Auction but since we have lived in apartments we haven't been able to use it! Since spring is here and we want to save money on our electric bill we put it up!! We decided to put it on the back deck so the laundry will be just out the back door instead of down the stairs and in the yard.
John David putting the clothesline on the post!

The retractable end!

The other end!

My sweetie & me after a day of weeding, picking up rocks, and putting up the clothesline!

Of course we had a little helper outside with us! Here is Mac in his fence off the deck...when we leave the fence he can't stand it and tries to get out!!

Now, I've just have to purchase clothespins so I can actually use my clothesline!!


Kris said...

WOW! I am interested in getting a clothes line. Still have yet to do the research... but I love the retractable idea. My landlord will hopefully let us do it (he told me to do some research first). Thanks for the great post!