Monday, March 9, 2009

Ready for Sewing

My mom is planning on coming to visit me during her Spring Break and teach me how to read a pattern! She taught me how to sew as in using the machine and I have self taught myself (with help from my hubby who doesn't get frustrated like I do!!) She says she figured she had plenty of time to teach me how to read a pattern but since I married at 19 she ran out of time! But it's never too late and a couple of sewing days with her and I should be able to read simple patterns! Since summer is coming and I love cotton sundresses I figured the best thing to learn to sew was a sundress for me!

Last week Hobby Lobby had their McCall's patterns on sale for $.99 and I went and found this beautiful dress pattern:
It looks short and it is but we are going to add length to the botton. The reason I chose this pattern was due to the modest neckline (almost all of the patterns were very revealing & I didn't like that at all!)

When my sister came to visit my mom sent fabric from Mrs. Cindy and from her! I am always excited to get fabric and love deciding what I am going to create with it!
These are a few of my favorite fabrics they sent! I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with everything but I am thinking I just might turn the cherry cotton print into a dress!!


Lisa said...

What a cute dress pattern. It will look adorable on you! I thing the cherry pattern fabric is perfect. The blue gingham is cute, too.