Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Childhood Treasures

My sister brought my American Girl dolls with her this weekend when she came! I just had to share this picture of the dolls!

Kirsten (the middle doll) was my first doll, I received here when I was 10 years old for Christmas! I loved this doll, slept with her (we had matching nightgowns) & took her to visit my grandparents (she had her own garmet bag!) The same Christmas I received Kirsten, Rebekah got Felicity (1st doll). We played together with our dolls and had so much fun! For now the dolls are all staying together at my house!

Samantha (one the end) was given to me for Christmas when I was in 6th grade. She is in immaculate condition due to the fact that I never really played with her. I was getting older and she was so beautiful and I didn't want to mess up her hair. I still played with Kirsten like you should play with a doll and would change Samantha's clothes but she never was lovingly treated like Kirsten was!

Of course I had to get the dolls out and look at all of their tiny shoes & clothes (my mom made a lot of their outfits!) It was a fun trip down memory lane!!


Emily Grubb said...

Hey Rachel....I used to love American Girl dolls. My first doll was Samantha. I was crazy about all the furniture and even read all the books. Anyways cute post.

Emily Grubb