Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is my 22nd birthday which is a significant day for me because my mom was 22 when I was born! So this year she is exactly twice my age and after this year I will be catching up with her :)

We began the birthday celebration last night, John David took me out to Pancho's Place for our favorite Mexican food, Enchiladas Verdes! As usual it was delicious and we stuffed ourselves! I made my birthday cake yesterday (I really wanted to make my cake because we only make a cake once or twice a year) it turned out awful looking, it fell apart and for the first time ever I used an entire can of frosting trying to hold it together!!

This morning John David told me Happy Birthday first thing and didn't leave for work until 9:00!! Of course my birthday fell on the busiest day of the week (he doesn't get home until 9:30 on Wednesdays)!! I spent the day working & reading.

I am still reading through the Little House books so The Long Winter is my reading for today!

Mom & Dad sent me this lovely card and some birthday money (which I will save probably for at least a year...I just spent my birthday money from last year a few weeks ago!!)

I made Chicken & Potato Soup for dinner and took it to church and had dinner with my sweet hubby...the soup was wonderful! We had a wonderful Prayer & Praise service and a sweet lady I met just a few weeks ago gave me a card she made for me! It is so beautiful!!

It's been a Happy Birthday!!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day...even though it's so busy!

I love reading your blog! You are very inspiring. Keep up the good work!


debbielynne said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Moxie said...

Happy Birthday to you! LOVE your blog and the video's are so helpful!!!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I too, love your blog! Your mom must be so proud of you :) It's refreshing to see young people so grounded and responsible. Keep it up!

Kris said...


Mrs. J said...

belated happy birthday!

Kiondra Mills said...

Happy Belated Birthday:) You have a great site that I would love to promote for FREE. If interest in joining my network. Stop By:)

Veronika said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rachel! My name is Veronika, and I have been reading your blog and picking up such useful tips from you for a while now. Since it's your birthday, I had to introduce myself and leave a comment. Thank you for letting Christ shine through you to all of us.