Saturday, March 14, 2009

Basement in Need of Organization

I really can't believe I am going to be sharing this! I wouldn't let anybody who visits see my basement yet I am going to be publishing these pictures for anybody to see!

However, I am sharing first of all for accountability since we plan to tackle this space and have it completely organized by the end of April. I am also sharing to hopefully motivate you for your own spring couldn't be worse than this daunting task!!

Here is the basement:

To the left is my laundry area which would definitely not be there if I had my choice but that is where the hookups were. I would like to make that space a little nicer! To the right is all our stuff: Christmas decorations, camping supplies, hunting stuff, crafting stuff, boxes, etc. We need to purge some of this but also put up shelves and organize the things we are going to keep on these shelves!

Close up of the stuff! See the awful two-tone walls?? We have purchased some cinder block paint and need to go ahead and paint the walls and have that job over with too!

On this side of the basement is my husbands toy tractors which we need to go through and decide what we are keeping and organize them, there are also piles of tools & car stuff which we need to organize, these things will probably be organized in the garage instead of the basement area. Notice the doors? Well, they have been down there since December...we took a few doors off the hinges to paint & brought them down to the basement...however it is so much easier to just paint them on the hinges! These doors are to the studio closet & guest room....I am sure our guests love that! These need to be moved upstairs and put back where they belong! We also need to sweep and mop the floor!

So here is the basement to-do list:
*Bring doors upstairs
*Paint the walls
*Sweep and mop basement floor
*Purge "stuff"
*Go through toys & organize
*Organize tools & car stuff & put in garage
*Organize laundry area
*Put up shelves for the stuff we are going to keep

Hopefully on or before May 1 we will be able to report that we have accomplished each of these tasks on this list! I definitely think we can do it, it won't necessarily be fun but it will be well worth it in the end!!


Marsha S said...

Looks better than the basement that I live in. It's solid concrete and I am freezing down here! We had months of moving floor to ceiling stuff out of here before we could move in to it....and now I have blankets where I can hung down from the thin wood at the top of the concrete, and several area rugs around on the floor.

Nancy said...

Your basement looks better than ours, too! I wish we could be a ceiling in our basement, but because we have an outside woodstove, which heats most of our house, and hot water, the pipes are always damp and drip now and then; mostly summer, so we really can't put a ceiling up. So you see huge timbers for our beams because our farm house is over 100 years. We put a whole new basement in our house about 15 years ago and so it is newer,but we just use it as a pantry, freezers, an extra bathroom is down there, and storage! Lots of storage!!! But, it is a place that is left for last to clean! Also, my huband tends to drag all his tools down there, and all those odds and ends. I put all the kids project through out the years in bins down there, in hope to pass them off to them some day, and all the extra boots, coats, are hung up there, too. Then the water softener, and hot water heat and oil furnance we use for back up with the fuel tank. There is a lot of wasted space with just storage and I would love to get our basement all clean, too. I am going to sit back and watch your project, Rachel, with envy!!! Good luck. -Nancy