Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pinwheel Quilt Progress

I've finished the quilt top for my pinwheel quilt and I really like it! Now all that is left is the backing, binding and quilting! This will be a perfect project to finish up inside the cool house to stay out of the unbearable mid-day heat!


Tiffany said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I'm thinking about starting a memory quilt out of my son's baby clothes, but it just seems like so much work.

Pamela Joy said...

Wow! Your quilt looks really good. Did you use a machine or hand? I just started sewing a quilt made of old flour sacks. It should be an interesting project!

Rachel said...

It really is not all that much work when you consider the outcome is a beautiful quilt!!

I do all the sewing on my machine...I am not too good at hand sewing! I can't wait to see pictures of the flour sack quilt!