Tuesday, June 16, 2009

100,000 Miles

Sunday afternoon we drove down to Birmingham because friends from Cherry Grove Baptist (where John David grew up) were down there for World Changers. We enjoyed the nice Sunday afternoon ride and really enjoyed spending a few hours with friends!

On the way home we realized that we were going to hit 100,000 on our Escape! I was so glad that John David grabbed the camera before we left & excited that we were going to get to celebrate 100,000 together!

We have a 2002 Escape that my daddy bought me after I graduated from high school & received a full-ride scholarship (we had struck a deal that full ride = new ride!!) We bought it in June 2005 and it had 39,000 miles on it! So in the past 4 years I/we have put 61,000 on it! This car took me all across the great state of Tennessee while I was a state FFA officer, I got my first speeding ticket in it and I made the 8 hour trip from my parents to John David's parents a few times in it! We took the Escape on our honeymoon, on a mission trip to Iowa & have made countless trips to our parents homes in it! We have lots of memories & hope that it keeps going another 100,000!!

About to hit 100,000....99,999 is memorable too!

Wow...100,000 miles!!

To celebrate we stopped & took pictures (obviously) and then got Frosty's at Wendy's! It was a fun way to celebrate the little milestone!

Of course I had to laugh at us & our frugality because most people think it is time for a new car when they get close to 70,000 or 80,000 but not us...we want to see that odometer keep going on up!


Christie said...

Did you do an episode or blog about pillow case dresses? Your mother in law said that you knew how to make them and I thought you had blogged on it....If not, do you have a site that you used for them?

Janet said...

Congratulations! I love that you documented it. My husband and I each are at about 150,000 miles on our vehicles. It's why our car savings is so important to us right now.

Rachel said...


I have not done an episode or a blog tutorial about making them...it is a good idea though!

I googled pillow case dress and looked at the dresses and some patterns...they are really simple and oh so cute!