Monday, June 29, 2009

The Garden's Growing

I am one happy girl because my tomatoes are beginning to fruit!! Yay!! Several of my cherry tomatoes & beefsteak tomatoes have tiny little green tomatoes on them which means very soon I will be eating garden fresh tomatoes!! I cannot wait!!

Beautiful tiny green cherry tomatoes!

My lettuce...I'm ready for a big salad!

Here are the tomatoes & lettuce on both sides of my front entrance!! I used up all available ground to plant all of my seedlings!!


Jenna said...

I just spent 3 hours weeding in our garden...seeing the pictures of your beautiful plants made me feel refreshed!!


Kelly said...

Your garden is looking great! We've just gotten a few cucumbers and squash, but no tomatoes yet. We're waiting on them to ripen! I want to try lettuce next year. Yours looks amazing!