Sunday, June 28, 2009

Absolute Randomness!

It's been a busy past week and a half with my sister having her baby & VBS at church all last week. I've had a lot of stuff going on and even more swirling around in my mind but little time to blog each little thing so here are some of my random thoughts:

*VBS was tons of fun but very tiring! We have it from 9-12 but as an effort to be frugal and save gas I rode to work with John David everyday and stayed at church until 5:00 every evening except Wednesday which was 9:00....towards the end of the week I felt like I lived at church!! (I worked some, blogged a little, read, and hung out with him some!) I worked with the Younger 4's class, we had an average of 14 everyday! They were really great kids...full of energy but great!! I noticed that the little girls were so much more loving...they kept wanting to sit in my lap every time I sat down on the floor with them but not once did one of the boys try to get in my lap! It was just amazing to me those gender influenced personality differences!! Towards the end of the week I was tired but I had a blast with the kiddos!!

*I/John David made Red Velvet Cake Balls to take to a potluck Friday and I found out that Almond Bark and I do not get along! I first tried the microwave, then John David suggested putting my Pyrex in boiling water to create a double boiler but by that time there was too much cake in the almond bark and it wouldn't melt again! I finally dumped that and he melted the rest of it for me. Then as I started to dip one of the cake balls it slipped and I grabbed it thus burning my hand so I gave up! My precious/wonderful/amazing husband finished them for me! I said I wasn't going to make anything with almond bark for 4 years but they turned out so amazing I just might break that promise! Any suggestions on how to make dipping really easy??

*We LOVE The Unit! Last weekend we finished watching Season 4 and we were talking about it at lunch one day this week and one of John David's co-workers has the past 3 seasons and he brought us Season 1! We started watching it Friday night and watched 4 episodes! It is such a great show that keeps you on your toes and it has the man element with the military and woman element with the soldiers wives! But be warned it can become addictive!!

*The Brad Paisley song "Ticks" with the line, "I'd like to check you for ticks" is very cute and could maybe even be considered a "country romance" song but in reality it is completely horrible! We were sitting on the couch the other night and I looked down at my leg to see this tiny fleck, I tried to brush it off but it wouldn't budge so I pulled at it...turns out it was a micro tick!! Well, I got to looking and there was another micro tick and another! I finally asked my wonderful husband to check me for ticks!! We probably pulled off 15 of those micro ticks and they aren't exactly easy to find!! I will never sing that song without thinking about the reality of getting checked for ticks! And I think they were over near my blackberry bushes because John David didn't have a single one on him and he didn't go near the blackberries so next time I will suit up and immediately put my clothes in the wash and shower!! Ewww.....

*I think I will be sewing a lot more! My grandma and mom's friend, Cindy, gave me fabric! Wow! A lot of it is really cute and I can't wait to make quilts and aprons! The best part was that I needed solid red backing and solid white for binding for my pinwheel quilt and there was 3 yards of red and lots of white in this which saves me money! Yay! Here is all the fabric: