Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tropical Surprise

We have had a few weeks of rain and I haven't been out in the yard much (and quite frankly the weeds were very thick close to the back of the house). When I was weeding the other day I found these!! I am not sure what they are but they are beautiful and look very tropical!! My plan is to separate them, spread them out and plant them along the back of the house for some beautiful greenery!!

(If you know what they are please let me know!!)


Missy said...

Im not sure what they are but they are pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
I am pretty sure those are cannas. They are annuals and they range in color. They grow very tall; and spread. You can get the bulbs in the early spring and replant them anywhere. I brought home a 5 gallon bucket full from my parents in the spring and planted them around the back of the house. I believe mine are pink, orange, and red.