Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ribbon Memo Board

Today instead of my usual Sunday afternoon nap I had a little bit of creative inspiration! As I was looking through some of our pictures from dating and our wedding I realized I had a lot of good ones that I would like to have out but I didn't want to go and purchase picture frames for them all! Instead I took a cork board, fabric, and ribbon and made a beautiful memo board which cost me nothing!!

It wasn't hard at all...the toughest part was working the staple gun (I was afraid my fingers were going to slip and I would staple myself!!) The ribbons aren't perfectly straight but that is not noticeable with pictures on it!

Here it is with pictures! On the board is our very first picture (with me in the FFA jacket), our first picture after we were engaged (John David in the orange shirt), our wedding, and our first Easter (in front of the door)! All of the colors on the board are in my kitchen/dining room which is where this is going to go, I have blue cabinet tops, black appliances, white wainscoting & crown, and light green walls (which match the little home sweet home sign!!)

Here is my creative process:
Hammer, glue gun, upholstery tacks, staple gun, scissors, ribbon spools, and scraps of fabric, and ribbon!

I have a need to spread things out when I am being everywhere, cutting tools, fabric, and more ribbon!!

I just thought it would be fun to include pictures of the mess I created while creating something beautiful!! (Of course I did clean up the mess when I was finished!) :)


Missy said...

This is really cute!

Kim said...

That is really nice. I think that would be nice for kids to have in the bedroom. Thanks for sharing!