Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Window Mistreatments

I love Mistreatments!! Mistreating my windows has saved me money & I have been able to use my own creativity and design exactly what I want (plus there is a little bit of pride when I look at my beautiful windows!!) (Here are posts about my apartment mistreatments: livingroom & guest bedroom.)

I almost took the easy route and purchased curtains. The curtains that I were looking at were nothing fancy but they were $19.88 per panel so I would have spent $79.52 on panels alone! I decided to it myself and purchased fabric, rods, & ring clips for almost half of what I would have spent on panels alone!


Fabric (12 yards on sale at Hobby Lobby!!)...$25.12
Curtain rods (from Ross!)....$13.98
Ring clips (from Hobby Lobby)....$5.99
Total: $45.09

These were really easy! I cut the fabric into 4 equal panels. I then ironed them, turned them inside out and sewed the top and side up, and then flipped them right side out and hemmed the bottom!!

The curtain panels pulled together!

This is how they look 98% of the time!

Close up of the top! I just love the ring clips!!

Shot of both windows!

I had about almost 2 yards of fabric left over so I made 2 pillows! (I still have a little fabric left and I am not sure if I will make another pillow or not!)

They aren't fancy curtains and they definitely aren't perfect but I think they are beautiful!


Kelly said...

Really nice Rachel! I love the ring clips too! My sister used them and fabric for her curtains in one of her previous homes. You can't even tell that they aren't "real" panels. I just got curtains up in my living room. I used the ring clips and panels that I found for very cheap at target. Curtains add so much to a room!

The Nester said...


you did great!

debbielynne said...

Very pretty!