Friday, May 15, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Guest Room

My guest room is nothing special, in fact it is a very small room but I think it is a beautiful and welcoming room for our guests! This room was the first room we painted when we bought our home. My sister-in-law Jill helped me paint the room and even gave me a painting lesson because she had a lot more experience painting than I did!!

Here is the guest bed, the bed was John David's great grandmother's bed & the side table my mom's (we love hand me downs!) I can't say I am completely happy with the room, I would really like for the floor lamp to go (it was our living room light in our college apartment). My current bedroom lamp will be perfect in this room but before I can do that I have to purchase new lamps... I will one day!!

Here is the view from the bed to the door (& you can see the closet). The room is small but there is some open floor which I like!

My bookshelf and the closet door (it is a pretty nice sized closet that is currently lacking shelving & has painting supplies & sale/give away items tucked in there!!)

Bookshelf closeup! My mom & I made this together when I was in high school!! My treasured childhood books (Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables & American Girl books) are on the top 2 shelves. The bottom 2 hold children's books that were my husband's when he was young! And then there are the toys (so when we have friends with kids over or babysit the kids can play!) The doll on the 3rd shelf is wearing a dress my grandma made, my mom made the little doll beside her, the Cabbage Patch kid in the basket was my very last baby doll & there is a blanket beside him that my grandmother crocheted....memories!!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What a nice, cozy room! I really like the blue and the bed is just adorable!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

debbielynne said...

Very nice shade of blue! I love Little House too.