Friday, September 5, 2008

The decluttering continues!

I have stayed busy today getting rid of stuff! I am so excited! Early this morning I tackled my closet. I decided instead of going through and picking things I don't want any longer that it would be more effective to go through and pick the items that I really love. So after about an hour and a half and some tough decisions this is what my closet looks like!

The bottoms & dresses!

The tops!

The closet!

Now this is an improvement over what it was definitely. It still is a lot of clothes though (but my spring, summer, fall, and winter clothes are ALL in there) and I still have some other items that were weeded out earlier that I probably won't get rid of so I may be adding a few more items (not everything though!!) I know I am weak to add clothes back that didn't make the cut, but seriously this is half of what was in there.

After lunch I tackled the scrapbook box again and this is everything that I have pulled out of there in the past two days (plus a couple books I am trying to sell!)

Some of this is already listed on Craigslist, the books on, I am going to try to sell some more of it, and give away some of the scrapbook "scraps"!


Daizy said...

Oh wow, good job! I REALLY need to do that too.