Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Dishes and Great Finds!

I have had a lovely week thus far!! I have had company which has been nice since I have been alone most every weekday since John David started work. Yesterday I went to Murfreesboro and picked up my mother-in-law, Annette, and brought her to our home while my father-in-law, David, was at an FFA meeting/banquet. We got home around 3:30 and John David came home early to visit. We went to Goodwill and then on to church. After church we went out for supper and then we came home.

This morning I woke up at the normal time and ate breakfast. At 9:45, Annette and I went to Belk. We went to buy dishes for my graduation present!! Here is the story on the dishes. When I got married I didn't register for dishes. I couldn't find anything I just loved. So I decided to wait until I was certain of what I wanted and that it was something I would use long-term before I bought place settings and platters and all of that. Since getting married we have used 2 sets of dishes, the first were stoneware with hearts around the edges that my mom bought for me and the second set were yellow and green dishes that Annette bought for us! I finally decided on a pattern, Mikasa French Countryside, a few months ago! They are white dishes and I love the fact that they will be dual purpose, they are going to be my everyday dishes yet they are fancy enough to be my "china" (which I don't need anyways because I would break it!!!)

Well, a few weeks ago my friends Kara and Bonnie gave me a 5-piece place setting of these dishes!! Kara said, "I have been bothered since you didn't register for dishes and I am glad you finally decided!" So of course, since I had a place setting I had to get the rest so I could use them!!

Today, Annette bought me a set of eight 5-piece place settings, a platter, serving bowl, sugar dish, and creamer for my graduation!! I am very excited!

The soup bowl is the front is part of the 5-piece place setting and I bought 4 cereal bowls so we can have big bowls of cereal!!

After our trip to Belk, we went to David and Leann Simmerman's to watch their kids while Leann went to Wal-Mart. We enjoyed watching the kids and talking with Leann. After leaving there we went to the Square Market Cafe for lunch. It was amazing!! We ordered a Club Panini and a Reuben and split them! They were both wonderful!

After lunch we ran back to Belk to shop more of the sale and did pretty good there! I bought a shirt and a sweater for under $10!

The shirt was $40 that I got for $4.99 and the sweater was $32 marked down to $3.99! I was really excited especially since I have been looking everywhere for a short sleeve cardigan!

We ran by Kroger and I picked up several items there. I bought:

2 Aztec tortillas for $1 each
1 Dole salad mix for $1
1 Kraft salad dressing for $2.79( which I had a coupon for to get it FREE!)
2 Loreal Vive Products (Shampoo/Conditioner) $4.11 each (Kroger had them Buy One, Get One and I had a coupon for Buy One, Get One so I got those FREE!!)

Then, Kroger overcharged me for the tortillas so they adjusted my charges and gave me one of the tortillas FREE since it was their mistake!!

$2.70 TOTAL for all of this!!

So now I am back home and excited about washing my new dishes and eating the first meal on them!!


Dani Brook said...

Rachel--I need to come shopping with you. You always find great deals! I love your china, too! I never really wanted fancy fancy china either because I would so break it, but the funny things is some people bought us china anyways, but I am afraid to get it out of the china cabinet.