Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Sales!

This morning we woke up pretty early and decided to go to a few yard sales! The first one we went to we didn't have any luck but at the second one I had lots of luck! The lady having the yard sale was a few years older than me and about my size so I had some clothes luck! She had great taste and I picked up several great pieces for only $9!!

My $2 dress

Another view of the dress!

My cute $2 Maggy London dress!

$1 Max Studio Skirt and $1 GAP Halter!

My $1 Ann Taylor Cardigan!

$1 Ann Taylor Skirt! (It goes past my's not a mini skirt! This is just a close up of the fabric!)

$1 Ann Taylor Shirt!

We went to a few more yard sales and the only other thing I bought was quilt batting for a queen/king size quilt for $ now I have to make a new quilt!

I just had to share my yard sale finds!!

After the yard sales, we went to the Franklin Farmer's Market which is awesome! I was sad there weren't any farm fresh strawberries...I was so spoiled growing up and always having fresh strawberries! Then we went to A&W for lunch and of course a Root Beer!!

On the way home we stopped at Publix, not because I needed more groceries, but because I had a few coupons I needed to use! I had never shopped at a Publix and I really liked it! I bought 2 boxes of Kashi granola bars for $1.39! We ended up buying 2 boxes of cereal, 2 bottles of Welches grape juice, ice cream cones, granola, Green Giant frozen broccoli and spinach and a few more items for under $18!!

We've had a great day and it isn't even over!


Annette said...

Great finds! You look great in the clothes. We had Publix in Johnson City years ago. There was one downtown. I want to go to Franklin when we come for a visit this summer.