Monday, June 9, 2008

Recent Goodwill Finds

I just had to write about my most current Goodwill finds, one because I got some really good deals and also because my sister makes fun of me so I figured I would give her something else! (I love you Bekah!)

My two shirts! The one of the left was $4 and the one on the right $2! They are both so cute!

I have to say my Cutco knife block is one of the best deals I have ever found at Goodwill! We thought about getting one to go with our knives but hadn't and I found this one for .99!! Definitely a great deal...of course it didn't come with the knives but it is still pretty awesome!


Denise said...

Cool deals! I can see you now, finding that block and being soooo excited. Love ya!

Annette said...

Definitely a great deal! I just bought a new knife from your friend Sam. I didn't get it for 99 cents!!! Can't wait to shop your new Goodwill.