Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TV Night

Last night was TV night! We don't have cable (which is a good thing, it is amazing how much time that is saved when you don't have TV shows taking up your time!) When we moved into our apartment (in May) we had no cable and no TV whatsoever so for 8 months we watched nothing! Now, just because we didn't watch TV doesn't mean we didn't waste time...the computer is a great time waster too!!

When we moved to our home we set up a computer in the living room and are able to watch shows from Hulu and Boxee. These are free services and are great since we don't have room for cable in the budget! So, for the past few weeks we have been watching our favorite shows, Chuck, House, and The Office! We really enjoy TV night and since John David started his job as Media Director at church and is around computers and technology all day, when he comes home he doesn't want to spend too much time in front of the computer! So now we are spending more "screen time" in front of the computer that is our TV....isn't that complicated??

Anyways, last night we watched House and 3D!

Here are a few pics:
Gotta love the awesome 3D glasses!

Mac.. he isn't really into the TV thing!

And a chocolate chip cookie brownie tops the evening! (One of my great deals at Kroger this week!)


debbielynne said...

Ok - chocolate chip brownie - I think I'd like to try this!

Kim said...

The brownies look great! Love your 3D glasses!

Wendy said...

We just dumped cable ourselves. We were spending too much time doing nothing in front of the TV. I forgot how much I enjoy the silence. We do indulge in Netflix, $15 approx a month for unlimited DVD's. They have an amazing selection of every show ould would ever want to watch. We love it.

Grateful for Grace said...

OH, we love Hulu!!