Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Future Garden

We have been talking about our garden for a few weeks now. We still aren't exactly sure where it is going to be but we knew we wanted to raise sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans, and lettuce! I am so excited about getting outside and working in the garden and growing our own food!!

This past weekend we went to the Tennessee FFA Alumni Convention and they had garden seeds for sale and seeds/gardening supplies in the silent auction!

My father-in-law bought me 4 of these tomato pails! They include the potting soil, tomato seeds, tomato labels, and tiny gardening tools! I am so excited about these tomatoes!!

These are the seeds we purchased! We are going to grow:
Green Beans
Sweet Corn

I cannot wait to start growing our garden plants and I will post when we start the seeds!!


Libby said...

I'm busy planning our garden too. We don't have a deep freeze, so I'll have to use the hand-me-down canning supplies from my MIL. I hope I can cut our grocery bill by about $600 at least this year by using our garden. Glad to see you are feeling better.

Blessings your way,

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
One thing I want to make sure I do this year is to buy only non-gmo seeds. That way I can take the seeds from the plants I grow and save them for next year and then I will not have to buy more seed. Also, they will stay forever if you put your seeds in an empty coffee can I heard. Just a thought. -Nancy