Friday, February 6, 2009

Buffalo Chicken Dip

John David loves Buffalo Chicken anything!

This recipe was in the Tennessee Farm Bureau magazine, I made a half batch and tweaked the recipe a little bit. It was really simple, spread a block of cream cheese in bottom of pan, spread with shredded chicken & wing sauce, top with Blue Cheese dressing (I also added Blue Cheese chunks), and a little mozzarella!

I even liked it and I don't really care for Buffalo Chicken, however when I make it again I will not put Blue Cheese chunks in it, they are a little too strong for me!


Kim N. said...

YAY! I'm glad you liked our TN Home & Farm recipe! :)

KaitCav said...

Hi Rachel! I love Buffalo Chicken Dip too! I always make it using Swanson Chicken, which saves me tons of time - and since it's made with only white meat, I don't have to sacrifice quality or flavor. (I work for them, so I know!) The recipe I use is at Also, if you don't like blue cheese crumbles, try using shredded cheddar cheese instead. Yum!