Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day at Work

Today was my first day of work as a part-time employee for Tennessee Farmers Cooperative. I interned with the Communications Department last summer and when my internship was over I worked about 15 hours a month transcribing. Since I graduated in August they decided to bring me on part-time! I will be going into the office (which is an hour away) 1 or 2 days a week and then working from home transcribing and working on other projects and I will also cover some events. Check out our publication Tennessee Cooperator!

This is an ideal situation for me! I am able to use my degree (Agricultural Communications), do something I enjoy, work with great people and earn a little money in the process! I also am able to stay home and be a homemaker which enables me to take care of my husband (who takes great care of me and deserves to have someone fuss over him) and do things I enjoy (cooking, blogging, sewing, podcasting, etc!!)


Kim Newsom said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Tell Mark and Alison and Shane and Polly and Mack and Bob and well, everyone, hello for me!

P.S. Love your blog! I have a recipe I'm going to send you soon. I keep forgetting to bring it to work. Also, I saw a cool article in this month's issue of Reader's Digest that had a list of websites that publish coupons and things. You should check it out next time you are in the grocery store line! Could be good blog content :)