Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steak and Gravy with Hash Brown Casserole

This weekend I cooked a good hearty Southern meal and it was delicious!

I used Paula Deen's Steak and Gravy recipe, I will be making it again!

I also made a hashbrown casserole, I followed no recipe just mixed together shredded hash browns, butter, sour cream, milk, and cheese and baked about 25 minutes (it was a very small casserole!)


Kim said...

the steak looks great! did you find the recipe online or from a cookbook? I would love to make it!
Have a blessed day!

Rachel said...

It was great!! It's a Paula Deen recipe! Here is the link

Libby@Thrifty Victorian Home said...

Looks delish! Would love to know the steak recipe. Got to love Paula...butter always makes things taste better!