Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Financial Blessings

The past month has been a month of change for our family. We purchased a home, John David resigned from his position with Farm Credit, and started his job at our church on January 5. Since he resigned 2 1/2 weeks before starting his new job, we have gone 4 weeks without a paycheck! Isn't that a scary thought? Somehow we have made it this past month and have not been financially strained. We still have some money in our checking account and we still have some money in our emergency fund. We are so thankful that we have been able to go 4 weeks without pay and not be stressed about it!

Of course we didn't have a big Christmas at all, in fact John David and I didn't purchase each other anything (although we did buy each other a home for Christmas!) Since this is the 4th week, I haven't been grocery shopping and it is amazing how much food I still have and how many meals I can make when I "need" to go to the grocery store. God has definitely taken care of us and blessed us tremendously!


bugbear said...

I'm curious, do you always leave off shopping in the fourth week of the month? If so, that is something I tend to do, as well. It helps me to "clear up" items from the fridge and pantry that might otherwise get overlooked.

Rachel said...

I have been shopping every week but since we went the month without the paycheck I didn't go much at all and we did eat out of our freezer and pantry.

Now that we have moved I am 12 miles from Kroger versus 1 mile) and I may not go every week. It does make sense to stay out of the store and use up the things that are already at home though!