Saturday, May 31, 2008

John David's Birthday!

John David turned 22 today! I had a big day planned for him which he knew about because I made him a birthday book outlining the fun day that I gave him Wednesday...I couldn't stand not telling him my plans!

We slept in to 8, which was nice! We were out of the house by 8:30 on our way to Huntsville, Alabama after a stop at Burger King for Cheesy Tots..yummy! Huntsville was our destination because Apple had their Grand Opening at their Bridge Street Store and he had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to go! We arrived there at 10 which was the time the Apple store opened and we had to stand in line a few minutes, the line was really long but the wait wasn't too bad!

The Bridge Street shopping was really nice, it reminded me a lot of California as far as architecture goes and the water made me think of what Italy might be like!

The line...

Almost there...

We finally made it in!! He didn't even buy anything even though I told him he had to because we waited in line to get into the store!

After visiting the Apple Store we went to...

John David went as a child but didn't remember much and I had never been so I thought it would be a fun trip for him because he loves to see what is going on with the space station and loves how all that mechanical stuff works!

Educating himself...he can now tell you anything you want to know about rockets, space ships, and space!!

I just love this picture!

We saw rockets and space craft (I really should have John David write this but I am doing my best!) We watched The Dream is Alive in the IMAX theater there which we both enjoyed! We spent several hours looking around the museum and we rode this...

The ride shoots you up in the air and then you come back down and experience weightlessness! It was fun!

The Birthday Boy!!

The Birthday Boy's Wife!!

Oh yeah, we had space ice was really good, different but good!

We had a really great time in Huntsville! On our way home we stopped at a western store and then when we got back home we went out for Mexican for dinner! I had a great day and John David said he is going to have to work hard to top this birthday when mine rolls around again...which I took as a compliment!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Second Anniversary!

May 27, 2006

May 27, 2007
(This picture makes me laugh! We were in the camper here and we look very country in our hunting and tractor t-shirts...great memories!!)

May 27, 2008

Today we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! It is hard to believe that we have been married for two years! Of course, like I told my mom when I was talking to her, it seems like we have always been is hard to remember what life was like before we were married! I think it is awesome that our marriage just gets stronger and stronger with each day. Our love is stronger than it was two years ago! I am looking forward to the years to come, I can't imagine how close we will be when we reach that 25th anniversary which John David's parents just celebrated and my parents will celebrate in a few months or when we reach 50 years!!

Since John David started work today I stayed home and had supper ready for him! I made homemade rolls, baked pork chops, and ranch potatoes. I wanted to cook him supper tonight to welcome my hard working husband home from his first day of work! I greeted him with "Honey you're home!" before he could say "Honey I am home!" (Of course we went to Maine for our anniversary so he is not a bad husband for not taking me out to dinner! I really wanted to cook!)


Anniversary smooch!

Sweet wedding kiss!

John David's Career & My Garden

Today John David started his first day of work at Farm Credit Services of Mid America. He is a Financial Services Officer Trainee. We woke up this morning at 6:30 and he showered while I ironed his pants and shirt! He had a healthy breakfast of Pumpkin Roll (at least he ate breakfast!) He left home at 7:50 and I teared up a little bit! It is sad because our life is changing since we won't be together most of the day anymore like we were in school!

My handsome hubby who takes such good care of me!

Okay since my career aspiration is to be a farmer I must admit that I was bummed about living in another apartment and not being able to have a farm, raise a garden and animals. Well I decided that I may not be living on a farm but I do have a porch and I can raise a few vegetables! So this weekend I planted my veggies! I planted a Better Boy Tomato plant, a Cherry Tomato plant, and a Red Bell Pepper plant! I can't wait to see them grow and have yummy tomatoes and peppers later this summer!

My Red Bell Pepper!

My Cherry Tomato Plant!

My garden!

Another cute thing I have to mention, yesterday when I saw Kara she gave John David and me a gift! She saw these cute little boots at a yard sale and just had to buy them for the future little Boreings that will be born! So Kara bought our little one (who is not on the way anytime soon!) his or her first pair of boots so they can be just like Daddy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We spent our Memorial Day at Henry Horton State Park with Adam & Katie and Kara & Colby! We met there and grilled hamburgers for lunch and then made yummy s'mores!!

John David grilling!

He won't stop grilling to take a picture!


Our s'mores! yummy it is on my face!

Kara liked the s'mores!

Actually Kara really liked the s'mores...she got chocolate all over her fingers!!

Adam & Katie

Kara & Colby

After our yummy lunch we went to the pool that was there! We really enjoyed that...the closest thing to the beach in Tennessee!

John David enjoying the sun!

Enjoying the beautiful day!

Since we are living in Middle Tennessee the best drink for a hot summer day!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

What I did today!

Today has been a pretty productive day! We woke up early and had breakfast and then I studied!

Around 1:30 our new mattress was delivered for our guest room! I was so excited! After it arrived I realized that I hadn't bought a bed skirt for the bed and it needed one! Luckily I was able to improvise and I took a queen size yellow gingham flat sheet, ironed it and it makes a lovely bed skirt! I am really glad it didn't cost anything too! It seems like we just keep spending money for things that we need to make our apartment our home and I was getting tired of spending!

The guest bed!

My cute little night stand. A wicker hamper I found at Goodwill.

The curtain I made for the guest room!

The guest room! Just in time for guests! John David's sister, Jill, arrived tonight to visit so the room was ready for her! Of course since we have the guest room we now need more guests!

I have been looking for a cream shower curtain for the guest bathroom also and last night I found one at Goodwill for $2.99! To say the least I was very excited because it was a simple, cream shower curtain in great condition for a great price! I didn't have any shower curtain hooks for it so I made my own with ribbons! I do think it turned out very cute and gives it a little color!

A close up of the ribbons!

Guest towels!

The guest bath!

My little bookshelf that my mom and I made. It is now in my hall upstairs! It is kid friendly with Little House on the Prairie books, Little Golden Books, and even a toy tractor!

Today was also the first day I have actually been able to enjoy my new home and feel domestic! I made homemade Pimento Cheese Spread, Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies, and Spinach Chicken Alfredo Pizza for supper! The pizza turned out beautiful! John David even took a few pictures!


A close up of the pizza!

I am also working on a pumpkin roll also, I just have to finish the filling! And all these yummy desserts are not just for us, the state FFA officers are coming here tomorrow to film the first episode of this season's FFA Today. Since I am having guests I have to have yummy snacks available!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we are just about settled in!! I am finally able to relax in my new home! We have made a lot of progress in a few short days! I finally realized that moving is not as overwhelming as I thought it was...we have been here two weeks and about 8 of those days we were out of town so we were really able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. This gives me encouragement for the next move which is inevitable within the next year!

Here are some pictures of our new home and some of the decorating that I have done!!

Our entry! We had to have curtains to cover up our small side windows and we couldn't find the "real" ones anywhere so I improvised! I took one panel (that I bought at Ross for $2.50!) cut it in two and made two small curtains to cover up the windows! The swag is made from fabric from my curtains I made and blue ribbon!

My new living room!

Another view of the living room! The pillows on the couch match my new curtains!

A close up of the curtains!

I made these curtains last night! It took me about 3 hours from start to finish to make them! I bought all the fabric at WalMart the other day for under $20! I had 3 yards of cream and 5 1/2 yards of print and I used every last bit of it!

My new bookcase from John David's mom, since my living room is bigger I can have a bigger bookcase now! (The picture doesn't look great because the sun was so bright!) The tray on the first shelf says "Bless This Home", my mom bought that for me the Christmas before I was married. The picture and glasses on the second shelf were a wedding gift, they have bluebirds hand painted on them! I didn't have anywhere to put them in Cookeville but now I have a place and yes they will be used sometimes! (I can picture me on a porch in a rocking chair drinking fresh squeezed lemonade from my beautiful glasses!)

My stairs and entry table! I finally have both of our wedding portraits on the wall! I found those beautiful frames at Goodwill for $3 each!!

My sewing area! My great great grandmothers singer sewing machine desk, my great grandmothers sewing machine, and my beautiful chair I found at Goodwill for $20!

My kitchen!

The rest of the kitchen!

My pot rack that helps keep me organized!

That is all the pictures for now! I only lack completing the guest bedroom (I can't finish it until we buy a mattress!) Thankfully, every box is unpacked and the only things in the guest bedroom are the items that are going to be used to decorate with! John David is almost finished with his studio! I finally figured out why it has taken him so is the most distracting room in the whole house! It has his computer in there! If all the rooms I were working on had a computer in them it certainly would have taken me much longer!!