Tuesday, May 27, 2008

John David's Career & My Garden

Today John David started his first day of work at Farm Credit Services of Mid America. He is a Financial Services Officer Trainee. We woke up this morning at 6:30 and he showered while I ironed his pants and shirt! He had a healthy breakfast of Pumpkin Roll (at least he ate breakfast!) He left home at 7:50 and I teared up a little bit! It is sad because our life is changing since we won't be together most of the day anymore like we were in school!

My handsome hubby who takes such good care of me!

Okay since my career aspiration is to be a farmer I must admit that I was bummed about living in another apartment and not being able to have a farm, raise a garden and animals. Well I decided that I may not be living on a farm but I do have a porch and I can raise a few vegetables! So this weekend I planted my veggies! I planted a Better Boy Tomato plant, a Cherry Tomato plant, and a Red Bell Pepper plant! I can't wait to see them grow and have yummy tomatoes and peppers later this summer!

My Red Bell Pepper!

My Cherry Tomato Plant!

My garden!

Another cute thing I have to mention, yesterday when I saw Kara she gave John David and me a gift! She saw these cute little boots at a yard sale and just had to buy them for the future little Boreings that will be born! So Kara bought our little one (who is not on the way anytime soon!) his or her first pair of boots so they can be just like Daddy!