Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stuff I've Sold (October)

I have set a goal to sell $500 worth of stuff from around our home in one year beginning August 1 and ending July 31, 2009!

This month I made a little bit selling stuff from around the house! I put a few clothes, some fabric, and other small items in one of my friends yard sales so I got rid of a lot of stuff from around the house and made a little cash!

*Yardsale- $14.65
*Pyrex Casserole Dish- $3.00
*A Doll's House Book- $1.05

Total Sold: $18.70

Remaining to reach goal: $386.43

To reach my goal I need to average $42.90 for the next 9 months...that is a pretty lofty goal! We'll see how it goes!!