Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beautiful Flowers from My Sweet Husband

John David came home today with these lovely carnations! I was surprised and they are so beautiful! They fit perfectly in my milk bottle and are beautiful on our dresser!


Endorphins said...

What a sweetheart! Those are gorgeous flowers and from what I can tell, you've done quite a number to your dresser! You couldn't be talked into posting a picture of the top of your dresser, could you? It looks like you've decorated a shadow box and it's very pretty. (I'm searching for ideas for my own bedroom!)

By the way, my husband found your podcast a few weeks ago and we've been hooked since! I was writing up a plug for your podcast in my blog and in making sure my links worked, discovered you had a personal blog! Since I enjoy knowing who's reading my blog, I figured I'd let you know I was reading yours. ;)

Take care, Rachel! You and John David keep up the great work!


Sharon V. said...

Do a few of this pics look familiar? I have never left a first! Be proud JD!

Love the website Rachel. I look at it everyday. You make me smile.

debbielynne said...

I've never seen those colors of carnations, they're beautiful.

Off topic, but I love your simple & frugal videos. Do you happen to know how to knit? I could sure use an instructional video!

Rachel said...


Thanks for the comment and yes the pictures look very familiar!! You did such a great job taking the pictures...I think of you when I look at our beautiful photographs! I will have to bring my (almost completely finished) wedding album when we visit next time!!


Rachel said...

Debbie Lynne,

Unfortunately I do not know how to knit or crochet! I, like you, would love to learn!!


sharon said...

I have crocheted for YEARS. When you come home, I'll try and help you learn, and then you can do a video on it. The family says hello!:)

Jelli said...

How sweet!!You have received really nice flowers...