Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Decluttering the Master

This week I am working on decluttering and finishing a few projects around the house. I started decluttering the master bedroom yesterday and went through all of our drawers, both night-stands and the closet.

All of this is leaving the master bedroom forever:

I have found that going through my house and evaluating our stuff about every 2 months really helps cut down on clutter. It is really amazing how much stuff 2 people living on a tight budget (& therefore not buying stuff "just because") can accumulate in a 2 month period! Our home is neat and organized and we are never overrun with stuff by doing this!


Todd & M said...

We de-cluttered alot over the past 2 weeks by having a Garage Sale.
If you have the opportunity to do so, I recommend it.

It was a good feeling watching things leave forever...and the proceeds are going toward something that we will use for years and years (a snow-thrower:much needed here in the snow-belt where the snow comes down faster than we can shovel it!)

It was really quite liberating to sell everything.


debbielynne said...

Is that a NEW pair of socks in the pile?

Rachel said...

Yes...they are new socks!! John David has had them for a few years and hasn't worn them (he has about 10 other pair of black socks he prefers!) I decided we just needed to get them out of our way!!