Thursday, April 30, 2009

Homemade Pizza: Now & Later

My pizza dough makes really thick crust and since we prefer a thinner crust, lately I have been making 2 pizza crusts out of one batch of dough. This weekend I made 2 pizzas, one for dinner & one to freeze for later! (I used whole wheat flour.)

One for now & one for later!

Yummy pepperoni & sausage pizza!!


Frozen Pizza:

I have made a homemade frozen pizza only once before but it turned out great. I roll out the dough and put it on a piece of aluminum foil & put sauce, cheese, & toppings on it. Then I covered the top of the pizza with plastic wrap and stuck it in the freezer. Once it was completely frozen I took it back out and completely wrapped it with aluminum foil.

I labeled the pizza & wrote the cooking directions on it!

Now I have a very frugal (& yummy) convenience meal ready for a busy night!!


Kelly said...

Your pizzas look soo yummy! We love homemade pizza! Great idea about freezing one for later. I'll have to do's so nice to have a meal to pull out of the freezer on a busy night! Thanks for sharing.