Friday, August 29, 2008

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

I made fresh squeezed lemonade this afternoon!

Doesn't that look delicious? I cannot wait to drink it!

Yummy lemonade in my beautiful bluebird pitcher that I received as a wedding gift!


Well I finally organized/cleaned the studio! We have completely neglected the upkeep in that room because of watching the Olympics every night in there, being out of town, and computer problems so I took a few minutes and organized to surprise him!

Here are the before shots:

Here are the after shots:

Much better! Not perfect but we are not here permanently and the room isn't exactly how we want it so we aren't wasting too much time making it perfect...that will be at the next house!

Back Up and Running

Well I have my computer back and I am so glad that I do! I have been working all morning (a little transcribing for Co-op and updating the TN FFA Website.) These are things that I have to and want to do on my own computer so I am so glad that it is safely back! Last night John David backed all of my files up to the Time Machine and I believe I am going to buy another hard drive to have another back up. When I think about what could have happened it makes my stomach hurt!

John David also installed Leopard and I am really enjoying it so far! A lot of the new things are great and I have not been a bit frustrated by it!!

I don't really know what the rest of the day holds for me! Maybe a little reading (I am reading Gone with the Wind!), I am going to make fresh squeezed lemonade, and maybe organize John David's studio! We'll see!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hard Drive Crash

Well one of the worst things that could happen in the life of my computer happened tonight. Just a few minutes ago actually. My hard drive crashed.

This week John David has been upgrading our computers to Leopard and getting ready to use our new Time Machine which is a wireless router/ 1 TB hard drive that will automatically back up our files. Monday night he saved everything to his external hard drive and yesterday installed Leopard on his computer. Last night he saved everything on my computer to his external hard drive and after we got home from church he went to put Leopard on my computer and it wouldn't boot. All that was on there was a flashing folder with a question mark on it! So my hard drive crashed and LAST NIGHT he saved everything! If he hadn't have backed it up I would have lost EVERYTHING because I didn't have a backup!

So now we are going to get the hard drive replaced and after we get that we are going to install Leopard so we can use our Time Machine! What a close call at losing all of my PICTURES, WRITING, MUSIC....we are BLESSED! PRAISE GOD! (and don't forget to backup!)

His Love Never Quits

This morning my sweet husband let me sleep in which was absolutely wonderful! I am so thankful for such an amazing man who goes to work every day and allows me to stay home ungrudgingly. How God has blessed me with a man like this! These were the thoughts on my heart this morning.

Then after breakfast I found out that another person I know is getting divorced. In the past few months John David and I have known several friends and acquaintances from our hometowns that have separated or have gotten divorces. It hurts my heart every time I hear of this because that is not what marriage is about and not what God wants. I was so hurt this morning that I knew that I could only turn to God for comfort and assurance.

I have been reading the Psalms lately and today I found Psalm 136.

Psalms 136 (The Message)

Thank God! He deserves your thanks. His love never quits.
Thank the God of all gods, His love never quits.
Thank the Lord of all lords. His love never quits.
Thank the miracle-working God, His love never quits.
The God whose skill formed the cosmos, His love never quits.
The God who laid out earth on ocean foundations, His love never quits.
The God who filled the skies with light, His love never quits.
The sun to watch over the day, His love never quits.
Moon and stars as guardians of the night, His love never quits.
The God who struck down the Egyptian firstborn, His love never quits.
And rescued Israel from Egypt's oppression, His love never quits.
Took Israel in hand with his powerful hand, His love never quits.
Split the Red Sea right in half, His love never quits.
Led Israel right through the middle, His love never quits.
Dumped Pharaoh and his army in the sea, His love never quits.
The God who marched his people through the desert, His love never quits.
Smashed huge kingdoms right and left, His love never quits.
Struck down the famous kings, His love never quits.
Struck Sihon the Amorite king, His love never quits.
Struck Og the Bashanite king, His love never quits.
Then distributed their land as booty, His love never quits.
Handed the land over to Israel, His love never quits.
God remembered us when we were down, His love never quits.
Rescued us from the trampling boot, His love never quits.
Takes care of everyone in time of need. His love never quits.
Thank God, who did it all!
His love never quits!

What a comfort to know that no matter what happens on this earth that God's love never quits! And in a marriage if both partners are committed to each other and most importantly committed to God and seeking him that God will never allow their love for each other to quit. I can't imagine how God's heart much ache when his followers choose to abandon their marriage.

He created marriage and with God at the center of the marriage it will succeed! His love never quits!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What's Next

In the past few days we have entered back into the "seeking" phase once again! We spent all of last year praying and seeking for what we were to do after John David graduated. In April that was revealed to us and we moved to Columbia May 5th and have been here almost 4 months. John David's training period is 6-12 months so as we approach nearer to the 6 month mark we have both felt the need to begin earnestly praying and seeking God's will for what is next. We just ask for your prayers as we pray for guidance and direction! It is a challenging time but it is also exciting because we get to see how awesome God is as he works in our lives and reveals things to us! We are not worried; we are resting in his promise that he will take care of us and that is such a comfort!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day with My Hubby!

Today has been one of those wonderful days! John David had been in Louisville all week training and took off today! It is nice to have a weekday with him! We slept in this morning and had one of those nice, relaxing mornings that I often dream of! I just love the simple, quiet days and I cherish them so much more now since he is working now! Life is beautiful when we sit still and enjoy those we love!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


This weekend we went to my parents home to celebrate my graduation! We arrived Friday night and had a wonderful steak and baked potato dinner made by my parents! Mom even made sautéed mushrooms for our potatoes! My sister was there and we got to visit with her for an hour or two before she left to go back to school, she has a job at Sears that she started last Monday and had to work Saturday! I was glad we were able to see her if only for a little while! After Bekah left we watched the Olympics and watched Michael Phelps win another race, the most exciting one yet!

Rebekah and Me

Saturday morning we slept in until 9 and got up and ate breakfast. We visited with my grandparents and saw my grandpa's new bull! His new Angus bull is the son of the heifer I showed in 2004 when I showed for the Turners! I made a lot of memories that summer and even was Reserve Grand Champion at the Dyer County Fair with her! We saw the bull and all the cows! I miss living on the farm so much! Hopefully one day soon we can have a farm and our own cows and chickens!!

Saturday evening we had dinner with family and friends! Dad barbecued pork (which came from the farm) and we had fried chicken, baked beans, rolls, and good desserts! We had a lovely dinner and time with our company! After everyone left we watched the Olympics again, mainly to watch Michael Phelps race and that was exciting! I took a trip down memory lane and looked at Mom's scrapbooks and some pictures from my childhood!

We came home today and here I am ready to go to bed because it has been a big weekend (and a 3 hour drive is tiring!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pizza Pasta

Download Recipe Card
This is an easy, inexpensive 4 ingredient recipe I came up with a few weeks ago!

Pizza Pasta (for 2)

1/4 pound sausage
2 cups Penne Rigate
Spaghetti Sauce
Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese

Brown sausage; boil water and cook penne. When pasta finishes combine sausage, penne, and spaghetti sauce (I use about 1/4 jar because I don't want it too runny). Top with grated parmesan.

It is quick, easy, and yummy! I have cooked it twice in the last 3 weeks!


This weekend was lovely! We slept in Saturday morning (not too late) and it was great! We spent our Saturday just relaxing at home and enjoying spending time together. I did come up with a "to do" list for this week. I figure having a list where I can check off the things I finish will help to make me feel I have accomplished something that week! I will see how it goes this week!

Sunday I taught my second week of the Older Threes Sunday School! I had 5 kids again this week! I am really enjoying teaching these Pre-Schoolers. They are so much fun, so sweet and very attentive! We learned about being kind to each other this Sunday! After church we watched more Olympics!

This morning I woke up somewhat slowly (because we stayed up too late watching Olympics!) I had breakfast with John David and after he left for work I went for my morning walk. After my exercise I did laundry, meal planned for the week, dusted the house, organized his closet, and took a few pictures of items we are going to list on Craigslist/E-bay! So I feel I have had a productive day and hopefully will have a productive week!

Now, we are still watching the will be tough getting out of bed again in the morning!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Night

We have had a lovely Friday night! When John David got home tonight we sat on the couch and talked which was relaxing! We watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics which amazed us! We watched some of the Parade of Nations and then went to McDonald's for dinner! (We haven't been to McDonald's in months and really enjoyed our hamburgers and tea!) A nice, simple "date" night together!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A lovely day!

Today has been wonderful! My sweetie let me sleep in this morning so I got out of bed at 8:30 and had my quiet time! I was able to blog some this morning and I cooked a nice lunch for John David, Mike, and Brady. I made homemade pizzas, one half pepperoni/ half sausage and pepperoni and the other a tomato pizza!

The tomato turned out so beautifully that I had to take a picture! It was YUMMY too!!

John David had a work errand to run in Franklin so he left a few minutes early and I tagged along! After he took care of his business we went to Borders to pick up a book I had ordered a few weeks ago with a $5 coupon; I paid $.99 plus tax for it!

I ordered On the Way Home which is a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. I bought it to complete my Little House collection! I received the 2 Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks in the mail this afternoon. I had requested them online a few weeks back and they finally arrived!

On the way home we stopped by Target so I could pick up a few items. I got:

Oscar Meyer Hotdogs FREE with the purchase of 3 Kraft items (I bought 3 $.22 Kool Aid packets which we actually drink!)
Kellogg's Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats $2.99 - $1 coupon with a rebate which will make it FREE!

I spent $3.15 with tax but minus the rebate it was just $.16!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


It is official, I am a college graduate!! I graduated yesterday with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Communications!! I can hardly believe that I am finished with school after all of these years!

The 3 Agriculture graduates!

Getting my diploma!

Looking at my diploma! I couldn't hardly believe I really had it!

My sweet hubby and me!

My parents!

John David's family (Dad B. was looking at the other camera...too many cameras cause confusion!!)

Papaw O.B., Nana, Mamaw, and Papaw Cecil

Aunt Pam and me!

After the graduation we had a lovely party at Mr. James Seay and Mrs. Virginia Lee Brown's home. They went to church with us at First Baptist in Cookeville and are very dear friends to us.

Mr. James Seay and Mrs. Virginia Lee

We had my favorite food for lunch, tacos/taco salad, which I enjoyed and we were able to spend time with our family who were there and had a lovely afternoon.