Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Little Apartment

After writing my last entry I realized that we have been living in our apartment a year and a half and I have never taken any pictures of our first home! I want everybody who has never been here (especially our grandparents) to see our cute little apartment!

Here is our living/dining room! It is not really big but it is plenty of room for us!

My favorite part of the living room (minus the television!) My beautiful rocking chair, my sewing box, and my great great grandmother's Singer Sewing machine (the machine is really in there and when we move the TV will not be on top of it!)

Our table where we eat every meal!

My tiny little kitchen! It is nothing special but I can still cook yummy meals from there! (And it is easy to keep squeaky clean!)

My stainless steel pot rack! John David and I found this at a Goodwill the summer we were married and both really like it! I love it because it is a solution for the lack of cabinet space!

Since this "The Grand Tour" of our apartment I had to include the teeny, tiny bathroom!

Our bed with my beautiful quilt my Mama gave me as a wedding gift!

John David's boots at the foot of our bed! (A great cute storage solution!)

John David's favorite part of the house! His "studio" area! He can't wait for our new home and a room for all of his technology!

My work area, where I do Co-op work, homework, and where I am writing this! (I guess you could say it doubles as a vanity because my "makeup mirror" but I don't use it for makeup. It is a beautiful mirror and makes the area very girly!!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Earthlings on the other side of Atlantic Ocean,

I wish all the best to you. I do apreciate the tender care you have to each other.

I am writing from Portugal, Europe (The World)

As I have two sons and one daughter, and two grand daughters living in Seattle, I hope they all share the hapiness you show. All the best to you.